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Bharunda Birds

Bharunda Birds will teach you why,

The disunited surely die,

For single bellied, double necked

They took a diet incorrect.

So by a certain lake in the world lived a kind of bird called a Bharunda bird. They have a single body but two necks. Out walking around one day, one of the necks found some nectar to eat. The second neck said, “Give me half.” When the first refused to share in his good fortune the second angrily picked up some poison and ate it. Because they had one belly, they died. Thus, union is strength. Union is survival. Union is prosperity.

If one applies this story to these United States of America the lesson is very clear. We are a divided country. This division is not recent but has been building for many decades. A group of Americans through fortunate birth, good education, family money and political connections struck the nectar of the “American Dream.” Life was good, secure, comfortable.

Another group of Americans through less fortunate birth, in less prosperous places, with poor educational options and nutrition, lack of start-up capital, and inherent institutional bias against the poor have missed that dream. Not only that, they have had constant anxiety about the basics of life such as food, shelter and health care. This view of course is simplistic but basic.

This second group became angry at the rigged system that callously allowed their lives to deteriorate to the point of despair, that they literally have chosen poison out of spite. Against all rational thinking and evidence, they have put their trust in a lying, greedy con-man and a group of cronies willing to sell their souls for a bit of green and some imagined power.

Clutching evil dims the sense,

Darkening intelligence.

If unchecked, this poison will filter down through the systems of the country and destroy it, just as sure as poison attacks the nervous system of the body and kills. I don’t have to go into the details. You all know what I am talking about. So far some of our systems are holding steady. The judicial is holding their own although the Supreme Court is at grave risk of being stacked in favor of corruption, more than it already is. The press has woken up slowly out of their long slumber and are starting to do their jobs, although they tend to cover the gossip and sensational and ignore what is really happening. That is slowly shifting.

So what is the antidote to this treasonous poison that is step-by-step dismantling and putting at risk one of the great –though flawed– experiments of large scale democracy, among the rich diversity of races that make up our country?

Stay tuned to the antidote in the next post:

Mouse and Turtle, Deer and crow,

Had first rate sense and learning, sooo…

Though money failed and means were few,

They quickly put their purpose through.