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The 1st Limb: Chanting

The first limb of Naad Yoga is chanting. Chanting is an activity beloved by many who are immersed in the practice of yoga. It is the science of how we use our breath of life to create sound and language, and the effect of these on our brain chemistry and the various systems of the body. Chanting gives us the ability to create states of consciousness in the human mind. It is perhaps the most interesting facet of Naad Yoga.

Another term for chanting is mantra yoga[1]. Primal sounds and energy templates (also called words) are combined to create phrases, poetry and entire scriptures, which, when sung and chanted, cause specific chemical secretions in the brain. How these secretions are distributed throughout the body by the neuro-

endocrine system and the more subtle energy systems is a fascinating study.

The effect of the chemical secretions to facilitate a meditative mind and state of healing in the body is integral to the holistic experience of human life. It must be experienced to be understood. Only the surface of it – the techniques – can be taught; the experience is personal and cannot be fully explained in words. In the same way it is impossible to say exactly how sweet honey is, it is impossible to express the experience of the Naam[2]. It is a question of frequencies. This is the first limb of Naad Yoga.


[1] Mantra Yoga – When you break down the word mantra you get man, meaning “mind”, and tra, meaning “wave”. Thus, mantra yoga is the practice of chanting sound frequencies (waves) to balance the mind.

[2] Naam – Divine essence. It is essentially the true identity of all beings and existence.