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In the Beginning

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” – Book of John.

This is the opening line from the Book of John in the Christian bible. To me, it is a perfect statement of Naad Yoga.

What is the “Word” that was spoken about? It is a vibratory frequency of infinite creativity, which began the process of the physical creation. All spiritual paths have a name for it. Yogis call it the Anahat, meaning un-struck melody. Sikhs call it Shabd, which means word or sound current. It is also referred to as Naam or name of God. Hindus call it the Brahma Naad, meaning the creative sound current of Brahma, or the creative aspect of God. Scientists call it cosmic radiation. Sufis call it Sauté e surmad, or the tone that pervades the cosmos. In Zen they have a koan, or type of paradoxical riddle, such as, “If you blot out sense and sound, what do you hear?” or, “What is the sound of one hand clapping?”

One cannot help but notice the underlying theme of sound vibration as the origin of the universe.

The most commonly held theory of the origins of the universe according to science is, of course, the Big Bang Theory. Again, notice the basis in sound as exemplified by the use of the word “bang”. The theory essentially says that before the creation was created, there was a uniform, formless void of potential energy. Quantum physicists call it “singularity”.

Around 2 billion years ago, at a specific point in time and space (referred to in yoga as a bindu, the point of the origin of creation), there was an explosion of light and sound. From this explosion particles were created and began to expand away from the central point, some cooling down, some remaining hot; and so began the phenomenal universe of opposites – light and dark, hot and cold, day and night – that we know today.

Scientists also discovered that the sound from the Big Bang is still sounding today, and it is creatively creating more galaxies, universes and worlds. They call the sound “cosmic radiation”.