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Simran, God & Guru and Myself

Simran is often translated as “remembrance” which, to me, doesn’t explain the word. Other people say simran is repeating a mantra. I understand repeating a mantra as japa, which means “to repeat a mantra”. Does repeating a mantra lead one in the direction of simran? Yes, scientifically so. Some people say that doing a meditation is simran. What we call “doing a meditation” to me is a practice called dhyaan or concentration. Does dhyaan lead to simran and a state of meditation? Yes – unless it is done out of ego. I think Kabir said it best with this quote: “I used to chant Ram Ram Ram. Now Ram is chanting Kabir, Kabir Kabir.” And in the words of the Siri Singh Sahib: “Simran is a continuous,

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