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Bharunda Birds

Bharunda Birds will teach you why, The disunited surely die, For single bellied, double necked They took a diet incorrect. So by a certain lake in the world lived a kind of bird called a Bharunda bird. They have a single body but two necks. Out walking around one day, one of the necks found some nectar to eat. The second neck said, “Give me half.” When the first refused to share in his good fortune the second angrily picked up some poison and ate it. Because they had one belly, they died. Thus, union is strength. Union is survival. Union is prosperity. If one applies this story to these United States of America the lesson is very clear. We are a divided country. This division is not recent

A New Blog: "The Spirit and Politics"

"Since scamp and sneak and snake So often undertake, A plan that does not thrive The world wags on alive." Having absorbed the last six months of political mayhem in the world, I have come to take solace in the ancient stories of "Nitti", a word from ancient India describing the art of harmonious development of the powers of men and women in human society. "Nitti", as laid out in the Panchatantra (an old collection of fables and stories from India), and like Aesops Fables (a collection of stories of ancient Greece) focuses a lot on animal characters. Nitti is a body of teachings that encompass all aspects of human life from relationships, government, business, strategy, security and warfare.

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