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Mantra Yoga and the Mental Body

Normally our mental bodies release one thousand thoughts per wink of the eye. Each thought has a vibratory frequency. The thoughts we grab onto and identify with create the shape of our body, our emotional state and the mental body. The concept of Naad yoga, or Mantra yoga, as it is sometimes called, is to consciously choose what vibrational frequencies we wish to transmit to our total self, and vibrate that in the Shushmana, which is our central core, the master playing string. What we vibrate, that we become. If our mantra is chronically “I am bad”, or “I am inadequate”, or “I am stupid”, then our body posture takes on the attitude of defeat, our emotional make-up becomes unstable, and our

The 4th Limb: Music

Last but definitely not least, we have the fourth limb of Naad yoga: the musical aspect. Music is a whole science in itself. It has a very special place in the range of the human psyche. It is primal and goes to our very core. Very few of us are immune to its magic. Different music has different effects on people according to many criteria. However, one thing most music has in common is that it is made up of rhythm (taal) and melody (raga). Taal and raga are terms used in the Indian classical music system, which is arguably the most advanced music system in the world. Rhythm, or taal, is the cycle of time that gives music its form. It has a beginning point and an end point, and it is repeate

The 3rd Limb: Communication

The third limb of Naad Yoga is the art of communication. It is how we create our world through our frequency of sound, voice and vibrational projection of the aura; otherwise known as our presence. Communication is about our interaction with other beings; and indeed, our interaction with the whole vibratory spectrum of creation. We can develop the ability to hear what people are really saying behind the words. With communication, we speak to the reality of who we are in essence; not the fantasy of who we imagine ourselves to be. The ability to speak from a place of truth gives a very powerful yogic power known as Vac Siddhi: The power of the Word. It is this power that causes people to hear

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