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The 2nd Limb: Listening

The science of listening is the second limb of Naad Yoga. To talk about listening, we must talk about the physical universe on a quantum level; in other words, the sub-atomic level of existence. The science of listening requires us to observe the nature of sound, its vibratory frequencies, and the relationship between sound, the creation and infinity. We must let go of all distractions in order to achieve a state of shuniya, which means “to become zero”. Deep listening invites us to find that creative emptiness within, and hear the primal sounds of creation inside ourselves. For me it is the most fundamental and important part of the practice of yoga; for in this experience of deep listening

The 1st Limb: Chanting

The first limb of Naad Yoga is chanting. Chanting is an activity beloved by many who are immersed in the practice of yoga. It is the science of how we use our breath of life to create sound and language, and the effect of these on our brain chemistry and the various systems of the body. Chanting gives us the ability to create states of consciousness in the human mind. It is perhaps the most interesting facet of Naad Yoga. Another term for chanting is mantra yoga[1]. Primal sounds and energy templates (also called words) are combined to create phrases, poetry and entire scriptures, which, when sung and chanted, cause specific chemical secretions in the brain. How these secretions are distribu

The Shree Matra, by Baba Siri Chand

About Baba Siri Chand Baba Siri Chand was the son of Guru Nanak, the founder of the Sikh way of life. He was well-known in Northern India in the late 1700’s as a baal yogi: a yogi who had mastered the self-knowledge and technical disciplines of yoga to extend life and retard the process of aging. It is said he lived to the age of 160 and looked like a young man till his death. Although Baba Siri Chand taught a reclusive discipline of yogic practice, celibacy and meditation and lived the life of a monk in the jungle, he used to emerge from his seclusion to take over the supervision of the farms and kitchens connected to the langar (community kitchens) for his father during Guru Nanak’s extend

The Science of Chanting

"Your real strength is not in your muscles. Your real strength is in your chemical communication system of the brain. The brain does not connect only through nerve pathways; there are chemical solutions that communicate between the different areas of the brain, which gives us our ability. This was known to the yogis before 1000 BC. They could look into the areas of the body and view its strength, flow and projection. The yogis developed a science to adjust and circulate the chemicals of the brain. They called the science Naad Namodam Rasa: Naad means communication, both gross and subtle; Namodam means to address someone; Rasa means juice or healing secretion. This was the science of how to a

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