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Understanding the Science of Naad Yoga

The word Naad simply means sound. The word Yoga means union, or “to yoke”. Union with sound is the goal of Naad Yoga. To understand what that means we have to think about the nature of sound itself. Ahad & Anahad: According to yogic terminology, there are two kinds of sounds in the Universe: Ahad sounds and Anahad sounds. Ahad sounds are sounds created by something striking something else. If I pluck the “A” string of my guitar, it will vibrate 440 times per second, creating a vibration in the air, which transfers that exact vibratory rate into the surrounding environment. That is an Ahad sound – the wind blowing through the trees, the breath striking the vocal chords and mouth. Ahad sound v

In the Beginning

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” – Book of John. This is the opening line from the Book of John in the Christian bible. To me, it is a perfect statement of Naad Yoga. What is the “Word” that was spoken about? It is a vibratory frequency of infinite creativity, which began the process of the physical creation. All spiritual paths have a name for it. Yogis call it the Anahat, meaning un-struck melody. Sikhs call it Shabd, which means word or sound current. It is also referred to as Naam or name of God. Hindus call it the Brahma Naad, meaning the creative sound current of Brahma, or the creative aspect of God. Scientists call it cosmic radiation.

Scientific Theory & the Saints

In my perception, the Big Bang Theory of quantum physics and the opening lines of Japji by Guru Nanak basically state the same thing. Guru Nanak said the words: Ek Ong Kar Ek means One or “singularity” mentioned above. That void of oneness before the creation began. Ong represents the sound current, the Word, the vibration. The explosion of sound that created and continually creates the creation. Kar is all that has been created. In other words, the 100 billion galaxies that scientists have been saying are in existence is the definition of Kar. (In the last few weeks I have seen newspaper reports that scientists have revised their theory and now say there are perhaps 200,000 billion galaxies

Introduction to Naad Yoga

"Every element of the universe is in a constant state of vibration manifested to us as light, sound, and energy.” – Yogi Bhajan To me, this quote by Yogi Bhajan is the essence of Naad Yoga. It points the way to the ultimate reality of the universe. And if my yoga practice, my dharma[1], my study or my religion does not give me an experience of reality, then I must seek a different practice. In my personal view, I consider that the purpose of this human existence is to experience the reality of life, and the enjoyment of that life and existence. Scientists say there are 100 billion galaxies in the universe and that there are around 100 billion stars in each galaxy. Furthermore, they say the u

A Book Blog on Naad Yoga

The knowledge of how to use sound, frequency, melody, rhythm and language as meditation in order to raise one's consciousness is called Naad Yoga, the Yoga of Sound. Naad, or the essence of sound, cannot be described but only experienced deep within. One can attempt to describe it but will ultimately fail. How can we describe in mere words something as vast as the creation, and as infinite as the pure consciousness and force behind that creation? What we can do is look to the teachings of those who have come before and practice the techniques and meditations that they have shared. I can guarantee that if you practice you will experience. What you do with that experience will be up to you. Al

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